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Guild Progress
Mist of Pandaria
Throne of Thunder 12/12 Normal


Throne of Thunder 4/12 Heroic

    Jin'Rokh the Breaker
    Council of Elders
    Durumu the Forgotten
    Dark Animus
    Iron Qon
    Twin Consorts
    Lei Shen


Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14 Normal


Siege of Orgrimmar 10/14 Heroic

    The Fallen Protectors
    Sha of Pride
    Iron Juggernaut
    Kor'kon Dark Shaman
    General Nazgrim
    Spoils of Pandaria
    Thok the Bloodthirsty
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse
    Paragons of the Klaxxi
    Garrosh Hellscream

Recruiting (Tank/Dps/Healer)
Death KnightsT/D Apply
DruidsT/D Apply
HuntersD Apply
MagesD Apply
Paladins/ Apply
PriestsH Apply
RoguesD Apply
ShamanD/H Apply
WarlocksD Apply
WarriorsT Apply
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What you need to know about us:

Unforgiven is a guild created to have a group who cares about their members.

Our current raid days are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday, from 19:45 until 23:00 server time.
During progress raids, requests are often made to add 30 minutes to an hour to this raid time, or to add
an extra raid day which is usually Tuesday.
Our current progress is 12/12 & 4/13hc Throne of Thunder and 14/14N & 10/14hc Siege of Orgrimmar.
For communication we use teamspeak 3. You are required to log on during raids to listen to tactics and tips.
We do minor raids during the other days, such as Firelands, Icecrown Citadel and Ulduar, for achievements and transmog.
We are also planning to make a few steady dungeon groups to get the guild achievement for the challenges.

The requirements to join our main raid group are an ilvl of 565, dedication to the guild and a 100% attendance.


If you have any questions feel free to contact Strawberry, Yarbog or Munk.

Guild News
Other Guild News

Throne of Thunder cleared!

My5t3ry, Apr 16, 13 8:10 PM.

Heart of Fear cleared!

My5t3ry, Feb 24, 13 2:29 PM.

Terrace of Endless Spring cleared!

My5t3ry, Jan 23, 13 8:54 AM.

Mogu'Shan Vaults cleared!

Sefira, Dec 4, 12 1:41 PM.

Bye Bye Cataclysm, Welcome Mist of Pandaria.

My5t3ry, Aug 8, 12 10:39 PM.

Congratulations to everyone for Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider.
So-and-so has logged on!